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Charlie Sheen being murdered

by J.L. de Kreek — last modified 14-01-2016 22:45
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Breaking World News needs to be told but nobody listens. Charlie Sheen is being murdered by medicines. Charlie Sheen is diagnosed with HIV. HIV does not mean anything but Charlie Sheen does not know. So Charlie Sheen is taking medicines from his doctor who is told to provide them by the protocols. HIV is the cause of nothing. AIDS is caused by medicines against HIV ore mistreatment of well registered opportunistic diseases.

Freddie Mercury is killed by the same medicine murders as Charlie Sheen is gone be because he is not informed about the facts about HIV and AIDS. The below video with the professor who discovered HIV in Europe needs to be showed to Charlie Sheen personally. He needs to sit down and follow it all the way to the end and rethink what he knows about HIV and AIDS. Understanding what HIV really is reduces the risk on AIDS. Not understanding what HIV really is like Charlie Sheen at this very moment does increases the risk of becoming an AIDS patient.

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